Police have arrested a man for sexually assaulting a jogger at a northeast Wichita park in broad daylight.

Benton Baskin, 44, was taken into custody Monday nearly a month after the alleged crime occurred. Police said they got their first tip about Baskin about 10 days after the attack when a neighbor called to report a man acting suspiciously near the same park.

Police questioned Baskin then ran forensic tests, the results of which they say tied him to the rape.

Rebekah Evans is a nanny and takes the children she watched to Eastview park a couple times a day. She says she's been "on edge" since the attacks and is happy police made an arrest.

"I used to take the kids walking around the trails, but we don't do anymore. I'm too paranoid to walk too far from the road," Evans said.

Police called the crime "brazen," considering the time and location. Baskin has a criminal history, but has not been convicted of sexual assaults in the past.