In Northcentral Kansas in an old underground nuclear missile silo, there are survival condos equipped to make it through a number of man-made and natural disasters.

However, this bunker may not be what you picture. Raven Ridge of Kansas Survival Condos are luxury estates with furnished rooms and amenities, like a movie theater and even an indoor pool complete with a water slide. The developer, Larry Hall, says it is important to keep things normal for the residents.

“That way your subconscious doesn’t keep a scorecard where something is different or abnormal,” Hall said. “All of those things lead up to increased levels of frustration and ultimately depression.”

The condos run $3 million for a full site and $1.5 million for half. There are also condo fees that need to be paid, but they would be waived. The building is self-sustainable, it can run on wind power, it has it's own reverse osmosis well system and there are spots to garden and keep fish. Residents would work in rotating shifts to keep things running.

Hall has already started construction on another condominium and has plans for more.

Photos: Survival condos

POSTED: 07:14 PM CDT Jul 16, 2014    UPDATED: 08:43 PM CDT Jul 16, 2014 
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