Kansas City police say a man has been shot and killed during a confrontation with officers.

KCTV reports police were called to the area of Independence and Myrtle avenues about 4:45 a.m. on a suspicious man possibly armed with a gun.

Officers encountered the suspect, and shots were fired, police said in a statement.

Police say an investigation is underway. The name of the suspect wasn't immediately released.

The victim's sister told KCTV5 News that her 28-year-old brother died in the confrontation, and that the story the police are giving for how it happened just isn't true.

She claims her two brothers were driving to a hotel, and two officers pulled them over. Her brother then got out of the car and started running. After a short chase, police shot and killed him.

Witnesses told her they heard at least 10 shots.

The department has placed the officers involved on administrative leave.