SALINA, Kan. -

Last Wednesday, a man made threats to bring guns and shoot up and blow up the vehicle registration office according to investigators.

The sheriff says the man went into the office to pay his delinquent taxes. He was then sent to the treasurers office then told that he would have to leave the building to take care of his problem. He believes the man got frustrated.

He returned to the registration office when he made the threat. An employee hit the alarm button and sheriff's deputies came to the office and calmed the man down.The man was not arrested at the time, but a report was filed to the county attorney's office.

"I think my employees handled it well," treasurer Jim DuBois said. "They were calm. They did exactly what they were supposed to do."

Right now, the City/County Building, where the office is located, does not allow concealed carry. The exemption will need to be renewed by the end of the year. The building authority is scheduled to meet and possibly take a vote on the matter later this month.

"I will support whatever it is they are going to do," Kochanowski said.