MARION, Kan. -

The 9/11 Memorial mural in Marion was in need of a touch up. The colors had faded and there’s  gray plaster all throughout wall, covering the design.

Joy Waldbauer, of Durham, is willing to change that, for free. She spent most of the day Friday with her sister and niece repainting the memorial. The city provided the paint, but the social worker and her family donated their time and labor.

“My son was in Iraq and I figured the boys went over for us it’s time for us to take care of our boys,” Waldbauer said. “Andrew probably wouldn’t have gone to war if he hadn’t been so serious about 9/11.”

Waldbauer has been painting big projects like these for a few years. She paints quilt murals on barns on her property and at her friends’ homes. This project, however, brings back plenty of memories.

“I think about the time that my son was over there and how hard that was,” Waldbauer said. “I thought it would be easy, but it wasn’t.”

Waldbauer says she hopes to finish the project over the next few weekends.