The pillows of foam are no longer visible on the Marion Reservoir, however that doesn’t mean it is safe.

“There’s no way to actually be safe without actually testing,” Park Ranger Scott Dodson said. “So, I strongly recommend that you follow with what the state health department is putting out.”

The Marion Reservoir has been under a hazardous algae bloom, or blue-green algae warning for over a week. That means no direct contact with the water according to park rangers. Guests can’t swim, ski or tube. However, they can still go out on boats and fish. Park rangers suggest that if someone plans to eat a fish, it should be cleaned and cooked.

Kansas Health Department officials tested the water Monday morning, but results will not come in till Thursday. Park rangers say that, in the past, warnings usually turn into advisory. That means that people can go into the water, but rangers advise against it.

The campgrounds are still filling up for the holiday.

“One of our campgrounds only has ten campsites left for the upcoming weekend,” Dodson said. “Our larger campsite still has quite a few sites left.  Mainly, that’s due to first come, first serve, but it’s still pretty early in the week. So, it’s hard to actually guestimate on how that’s going to actually affect us.”

Blue-green algae has been a recurring problem at the reservoir.