A 27-year-old American woman is making headlines for trying to sell something unusual online.

The woman, who said her name is Elizabeth Raine, is offering her virginity up to the highest bidder.

Raine claims to be a med school student and said she already holds two Bachelor's degrees.

According to her website,, the top bid is $550,000.

In an interview posted Monday, Raine told The Huffington Post that said she initially wanted to keep her identity hidden.

"I didn't like the anonymity. People mistake it for shame," she said.

Raine said she has been planning on selling her virginity for a year.

The No. 1 reason? Money.

The winning bidder will have to provide Raine with proof that he has no sexually transmitted diseases and is willing to have protective sex. He also may not be under the influence during the encounter.

Raine told the Huffington Post she is attracted to older and taller men, but understands this is a business deal.

In order to circumvent U.S. laws prohibiting prostitution, Raine said the actual sex experience will take place in Australia, where it is legal.