You can catch JJ Hayes in the afternoons at KFDI. But you don't see his closely-shaved head that goes along with his radio-sharp voice.

"I've been shaving my head since '96," JJ said. "I'm pretty good at it.  Knock on wood; I've only cut myself three times.  I know what I know and I like what I like."

JJ has used the Gillette Fusion ProGlide, with multiple blades.

"I shave about every other day," JJ said.

But we asked him to grow his hair out a little, so he could help us test the Micro Touch One Classic Safety Razor. The commercial says "it's the modern version of this timeless classic.  Even professional barbers today still only use one blade to give their clients a perfect shave." 

We bought the razor with 24 blades for $19.99.  That does not include shipping and handling.

To test the razors, JJ used his Gillette Fusion ProGlide on the right side of his head and face.  At the halfway point, he gets ready for the Micro Touch One.

"Let the weight of the razor do the work for you, and then shave with the grain of your beard," JJ said, reading the instructions. 

He said initially the razor felt like a shave at a barber shop.

"But I can already tell, it's leaving behind some hair on the first pass, which the ProGlide didn't tend to do, but we're not done yet," JJ said.

JJ kept running the razor over his head. But very slowly.

"I don't want to turn this from a G-rated interview to an R-rated interview, because of the bloodshed and the swearing that would ensue," JJ said.

He said the key to working the razor was to tilt the razor 45-degrees.

"It does shave closer," JJ said. "Honestly, the shave is equal."

JJ said he noticed some patches and razor burn, but from both of the razors. But he said it worked.

After the Test

When we got back to the station, we noticed something in our video we couldn't see when we were with JJ.  He was bleeding on the side of his head where he used the Micro Touch One.  He told us to chalk it up to the time of the shave, since he didn't do it right after a hot shower, when he usually shaves.  He said both razors did that to his head.  But, it didn't last long.