The Wichita City council is expected to vote this week whether to rename Mid-Continent Airport.

An advisory board has recommended to rename the airport after President Dwight Eisenhower, a Kansas native. The change comes after a petition to rename the airport in which hundreds of people signed.

Victor White, airport director, had said there would be national attention over the name change.

Council member James Clendenin agrees.

"It's an opportunity to market our city and connect ourselves with a great Kansas hero," Clendenin said.

Initial reports estimated it could cost more than $700,000 to rename the airport. The city would be required to pay $276,850 in essential costs, mostly to replace 18 KDOT signs. The airport has agreed to pay $135,350 of that essential cost.

The airport name change is listed on the Wichita city council agenda for Tuesday.

Council member Jeff Longwell told Eyewitness News on Monday he is leaning against changing the name of the entire airport. He supports naming the terminal after President Eisenhower and including artifacts from the Eisenhower museum. 

Council member Jeff Blubaugh said he has received a lot of feedback about renaming the airport. But he said he is concerned there is no direct correlation between President Eisenhower and Wichita.

"He's done a lot of good for Kansas, and a lot of good for the United States," Blubaugh said. "But there are other people like the Cessnas and the Walter Beeches who are tied to Wichita."

Eyewitness News reporter Jim Grawe is working on this story. Watch for his reports on later newscasts.