MARION, Kan. -

The DeJaynes family never expected to see their dog again.  Judy Dannenfelser shot video of the reunion at her house. 

It was Dannenfelser and Mary Beth Bowers of rural Marion who made it all possible.  Bowers was driving along Highway 77 not far from her house.  She looked in the ditch and saw the big Great Dane.  She knew the dog must belong to somebody.  Little did she know how far from home the dog actually was.

"I said, Oh my, my chickens are going to get a dog in the chicken pen," Bowers says.

The Great Dane then walked right up to Bowers' house and wanted to come in.  Bowers called Dannenfelser who is a dog lover.  She came and got the dog.  She says he was very gentle.

"I would have been just as delighted to keep the dog forever, to be honest!" Dannenfelser quips.

A trip to the vet revealed the dog was microchipped.  They found out his name was "Titan," and the information showed he was believed dead by his owner, the DeJaynes family.  It also said his home was 150 miles away in a small town near Kansas City.

Why "Titan" ended up so far from home, nobody knows.  We can only speculate where Titan has been, and what all he's been doing as he traveled across the Kansas countryside for nine months.

Titan lost 60 pounds during the time he was missing.

We were unable to make contact with the DeJaynes family for this story.