Employees at "In the Bag Cleaners" try to make sure their customers look their best for any occasion, even if they can't afford the dry cleaning bill.

"We have decided to offer free cleaning for an outfit, if someone is unemployed,” owner Dave Coyle said.

Coyle started cleaning interview outfits for the unemployed about two weeks ago.

"I think we've had 40 people who have taken us up on the offer,” Coyle said.

Many people are still looking for jobs.  Factfinder12 checked with the Kansas Department of Labor to see just how many.  Nationally, the unemployment rate is 6.2%.  In Kansas, it's 4.9%.  For Wichita and the surrounding area, the unemployment rate is higher than the state, sitting at 5.6%.  However, last year at this time, it was 6.2%.

"This is dramatic improvement from 2011, when the Wichita MSA's unemployment rate was 8.5-percent,” Justin McFarland, Director of Labor Market Information Services for the Kansas Department of Labor, said.

The Kansas Department of Labor credits that improvement to job growth in areas like construction, healthcare, and hospitality.  But there is some job loss in this region.

"Aerospace production, parts manufacturing has lost 39-hundred jobs over the year,” Tyler Tenbrink, Senior Labor Economist for the Kansas Department of Labor, said.

Amanda Duncan with the Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas is optimistic about job growth.

"We saw the highest number of jobs--nearly 480 jobs posted last month in this six-county region alone,” Duncan said.

Duncan says there's a big difference between last year and this year at her office.

"We've had 16 job fairs in the last month.  That's up from 39 job fairs total last year.  We are seeing a lot of activity with employers looking to hire and that's great news for this economy,” Duncan said.

That news could keep Coyle busy with his offer.

"That might just be the little push that somebody needs to get back into the work force,” Coyle said.

The Workforce Centers of South Central Kansas is holding its next job fair this Thursday at Intrust Bank Arena.  Veterans and their family members are invited to attend from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.  The doors will open to the public from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.