More area gun owners are pledging to lock up their guns soon.

The action comes as more people participate in this weekend's Gander Mountain trigger lock giveaway. The company is giving away 50,000 trigger locks, free of charge, to anyone who visits the store and signs a pledge saying they will keep their guns safely locked up.

"If 50,000 guns are locked up, that's 50,000 guns that are safe out there," said store manager Matt Meyer. "We're hoping to make this a statement and then continue it forward."

The gun safety initiative is aimed at promoting gun safety and keeping any and all firearms out of the hands of those who are underage or untrained. Even some of the most experienced gun owners, like Charles Fowler, were in line for a trigger lock Friday morning.

"It's a good idea to keep your guns locked up," said Fowler. "I've got a gun safe but I've got a couple guns, like teaching my grandkids how to shoot pellet rifles and you can't put a cable lock on a gun like that."

As gun safety remains a hot topic nationwide, gun enthusiasts hope safety initiatives like this one serve as a reminder that with rights comes responsibility.

"Firearms can be dangerous if they get into the hands of the wrong people and kids and so forth," said Meyer. "So we want to make sure that they're locked up and safe."

"A locked up gun is a safe gun," added Fowler. "If you don't have a safe to keep guns in, locking them up is a good safe way to control things."

Trigger locks will fit on any size or type of gun and typically cost anywhere from $10 to $15. The trigger lock giveaway is going on at all Gander Mountain stores this weekend, through close of business Sunday, April 6.