DERBY, Kan. -

A Derby mother and her four kids are safe tonight after her minivan caught fire and burned the family's home.

It happened Tuesday. Investigators say that 2007 Honda odyssey has several recalls, but determined they were not the cause of the fire.

Tina Wawzysko says she lost her van and her home in the last 24 hours but it doesn't matter because she and her four kids are alive.

"I just ran out with the kids, I saw the smoke coming from the garage and thought oh my, I'm glad we're all out of there," she said.

Tina had just pulled into the garage when she noticed her battery indicator light was on.  After she got inside the house, she looked back out and saw her van on fire.

"The origin of the fire is in the front right lower of the engine compartment of the minvan. So we pulled the vin number and ran the vin number and we did come up with four recalls that were issued for that vehicle.," said Bill Pater, deputy chief, Derby Fire Department.

Derby Fire Investigators, Home Insurance Investigators and Car Insurance Investigators determined that the 4 recalls were a separate issue, not associated with the fire.

This is because the fire originated near or on the alternator of the vehicle. The recalls include computer problems that can lead to unexpected braking but more recently the fuel system---specifically a fuel pump cover the company says could lead to fire---but no fires have been reported.

Investigators originally thought this could have been a contributing factor to the fire, but have now ruled it out.

She says she's  the whole situation is scary but she's glad she got her kids out of the car.

They estimate about $80,000 in damages, including the van.  The Wawzyskos are staying with family because the house is destroyed from smoke and water damage. They have an  8 week old baby girl, a 19-month-old girl and 6 & 8 year old boys. 

You can donate to the family here.


Derby fire investigators are looking into the possibility of a recalled vehicle sparking a house fire.

It happened about 3:30 Tuesday afternoon at 2400 block of  N. Button Bush Circle, where a mother and two children escaped serious injury.

Fire investigator Kelly Payne said the cause of the fire remains under investigation, because the recalled 2007 Honda Odyssey mini-van was at risk of fire from a fuel leak.

The recall covers 886,815 Odysseys from the 2005 to 2010 model years. Payne said the woman pulled into the garage, and everyone went into the house.

He said the woman heard noises, then an explosion, spotted smoke and got everyone out of the house. Payne estimated damage at $125,000 to the home and its contents, including the mini-van. Payne said the family was expected to stay with family and friends until repairs are made to the house.  If you'd like to help the family, click on this link here.


A mother and two children are safe after escaping a house fire in Derby.

The fire started Tuesday afternoon in 2400 block of Button Bush.

The flames stayed within the garage. An estimated $50,000 in damage resulted from the smoke and water.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time, but Fire Chief Brad Smith says it may have originated from a car inside the garage.

The car was totaled. No one was hurt.