Just look inside the cabinets at the Sedgwick County Extension Office, and you can see why this kitchen may not look like yours at home.

"One of the girls organized it.  Even took pictures of it.  So, we know how it's supposed to go back in there and stay looking nice and pretty,” Denise Dias said.

Even Denise doesn't keep her plastic-ware so organized at home. So, she's giving Mr. Lid a chance. We bought two-20 piece sets for $25.90. That includes shipping and handling.

"I was wondering how well this lid would be.  But it looks pretty sturdy.  Like it's not going to break off,” Denise said.

Denise starts testing Mr. Lids' claims. She begins by putting the containers in the dishwasher. After a short cycle...

"(It’s) dishwasher safe,” Denise said.

But can Mr. Lid take the heat from a microwave?

"So we can shut it, but not all the way so it's tight,” Denise said.

Denise heats-up some soup for two minutes.

"I would say its microwave safe.  It doesn't warp,” Denise said.

Denise likes the fact the lid covered the soup ...  keeping the food in the container ...  and not all over the microwave. Denise also gets a kick out of stacking and storing the Mr. Lid containers.

"It's like a little kid playing with cups,” Denise said.

For the final test, Denise will play with her food.

"Spaghetti sauce is one of those things — it can be the messiest thing,” Denise said.

Mr. Lid promises to keep food sealed inside, even if it falls from the fridge. So, that’s what Denise does.

But our Mr. Lid doesn't perform like the commercial shows.  Spaghetti sauce splatters on the fridge.

"What a mess.  Now I have to clean the refrigerator,” Denise said.

Denise says she would expect any other plastic ware to perform the same way. But Mr. Lid promised it would be different.

Does it work?

"No,” Denise said.

We called the makers of Mr. Lid.  But we have yet to get a response about the results of our testing.

We did find this explanation on who to ensure your Mr. Lid will remain leak-proof on the company’s website, www.mrlid.com:

“Mr. Lid Containers® are designed to be a leak-proof package. Its patented lid-seal design is an industry first. To insure your food storage will be leak-proof fill the Mr. Lid Containers® to the "fill line" that is indicated on the front of each unit and insure no food residue is above the fill line. The lid seal has a press-fit to the side walls of the base, to insure the seal is fully engaged keep food below the ‘fill line.’”

We followed those guidelines during our testing.