A weekend earthquake damaged more than 50 buildings in Napa, California and caused millions of dollars worth of damage. Some of that damage came from the area's 800 plus wineries.

Napa vineyards account for about a quarter of American made wine, and some of that wine makes its way to Kansas.

Clint Ayesh owns Crestview Wine & Spirits in Wichita. He says about 10 percent of wine comes from Napa.

"A lot of my connoisseurs come in here looking for Napa cabs," Ayesh said.

Some of the wineries that Ayesh buys from were damaged in the earthquake. Ayesh says one of those wineries lost more than half of their most popular wine.

"That was a tough loss, I like to keep that one on the shelves," Ayesh said.

Ayesh says prices for Napa wines could go up in the short term and some will be tough to get on the shelves.

"Most of those bottles are on the higher end. People can ask for recommendations and I can point them to other types they may like," Ayesh said.

Fortunately, Ayesh says, the more affordable bottles shouldn't be affected by the earthquake and their prices and stock should stay the same.

"Those $10 to $15 bottles are made in large batches, I'm not too worried about those," Ayesh said.