A Kansas native has been using social media to keep friends and family updated while wildfires continue to burn around him in southern California.

As of Thursday night, at least one person has been killed and over 10,000 acres have burned from the 9 wildfires.

Gary Lundstedt has captured the infernos in pictures and video to let family back home know he's safe. Lunstedt runs a hazardous waste management company in Escondido that authorities feared could possibly be in the line of fire.

The first blaze started in San Diego County on Tuesday. The following day, several more began, each with their own hazards.

Lundstedt says he had to get the hazardous waste out of the area and then get his employees to safety after the wind redirected one fire. 

"The wind shifted and then the fire started making it's own weather pattern which made it difficult for the fire professionals to predict where that fire was going to go," Lundstedt said.

Lundstedt says the fires he's seeing aren't the same kind he saw growing up in Kansas.

"Here it's a little different because it's not mountainous but very very hilly and rugged terrain and steep terrain," Lundstedt says. "Rugged terrain with a lot of dry scrub that acts as fuel.

Investigators are considering the possibility of arson. At least 8 houses and an 18-unit condominium complex have gone up in flames.