(HESSTON, Kan.) -

It's been 24 years and Hesston has rebuilt. Still, there are reminders of the big tornado that later split in two.

As Nebraskans work to pick up the pieces from twin twisters Monday evening, Hesstonians are quick to recall a similar event March 13, 1990.

Pictures hang on a wall at Kropf Lumber, one of the businesses leveled when an EF5 tornado tore through town before splitting into side by side twisters.

"We can never forget about it," said Mel Diller, V.P. of the lumber store.
He remembers the tornado destroying the business and his parents' home a couple of blocks away.

Hesston Fire Chief Russ Buller also remembers the tornado splitting as it continued to cause damage.

"Simply amazing to see that that much force in play," he recalled.

The city did recover.  While most folks probably don't think about the tornado often, when a big one hits the memories can return quickly.