A proposed microbrewery on the south edge of the Central Business District is one step closer to being a reality.

Today the City Council approved a conditional use permit for Central Standard Brewing.

The microbrewery plans to be near Hyde Park in Wichita's Central Business District. Opponents say they don't want the environment near their kids.

In April, a Planning Commission voted 4 to 4, defeating the motion for the microbrewery.

Resident and businesswoman, Carrie Ulrich, said " it's a big win for the little guy." 

Ulrich said she was surprised by the decision of the Planning Commission, but pleased area residents will be allowed to keep their green space at Hyde Park.

Central Standard Brewing owners said they designed their operations to fit into the neighborhood around them.


They're not sure if it's a bar, a nightclub or a restaurant. The owners of Central Standard Brewing say they want to open a family friendly microbrewery on the south edge of the Central Business District, across the street from a city park. Property owners in the Wichita neighborhood say they're ready to take the fight against the proposed business to City Hall.

"It's not a night club. But it's still where they can drink," said Corissa Contreras, who grew up in the neighborhood.

Central Standard Brewing says the owners are trying to design their operations to fit into the neighborhood around them. That's not enough for parents like Contreras.

"I don't like it period. I mean I grew up, literally, in this neighborhood, down the street. And now my kids play in it," she said.

Parents say they don't want any sort of business that encourages drinking near their children. Not only because of the example it might show them, but also because of increased traffic where children often cross the street and because of the strangers the brewery might bring to their neighborhood.

"I don't really think my voice is going to matter," said Contreras.

"A lot of the people around here don't feel like they have a voice," said Carrie Uhlrich who owns a business in the neighborhood. That's why she's working to make sure the residents of this neighborhood are heard. "It's kind of a daunting task, because we don't have any kind of unified body, or whatever. you know? We're just kind of knocking door to door."

She's organizing a protest of the proposed special use permit that would allow a microbrewery to move into the neighborhood, just 65 feet away from Hyde Park.

Parents like Contreras are the ones Uhlrich is working for.

"When they're getting home from school there's going to be patrons coming and going from this establishment," Uhlrich said.

But that's not all.

"There's a public facility right there in the park. There's a playground area in the park. We have limited parking in this area," she added.

Some of that parking, Uhlrich says, would be erased by Central Standard Brewing's plans for an outdoor seating area in front of the building.

In a statement, the company told Eyewitness News it's working to make the brewery a family friendly business.

"Our small brewery will be focused on appreciation of craft beer, and is not a traditional bar as defined by the city. We are limiting our hours in the conditional use to keep the location from ever becoming a bar as well."

"Once this gets rezoned as a bar, any old bar can move in there," said Uhlrich.

Uhlrich is holding an organizational meeting with other opponents 5:30 p.m. Wednesday to come up with a plan to fight the proposal. They plan to take their concerns to the Wichita Planning and Zoning Commission when it considers this permit request at its next meeting.