Reno County, Kan. -

Police seize hundreds of guns in Kansas every year. Now a new state law is changing what they can do with them.

Right now it's up to cities and counties to decide how to handle these guns.  Some are destroyed and some are sold back to dealers.

Reno County Sheriff's Office says it's been doing this exchange for years. Sheriff Randy Henderson says his deputies just upgraded their guns.

"We utilized the trade in guns and purchased all 84 weapons for $4200 with the guns taken from the criminal element on the street," he said.

The Sheriff says that's equipment his department needed and would have had to wait for, if not for this program.

Reno county has been swapping guns for decades.  It takes confiscated guns off the streets and re-sells them to licensed dealers using strict rules under the Brady law. 

Guns used in homicides are destroyed as are assault weapons.

No cash ever exchanges hands for these guns, it's strictly a trade for equipment.

The Sheriff says he realizes the public will think they're putting the guns back out on the street but he says not just anyone has access.  There's a process.

"Unless you take the rights of the citizen to bear arms, which I hope never happens, there's gonna be guns out there and the best we can do is make sure people comply with the regulations that are in place," he said.

Currently, the Wichita Police Department destroys its seized guns. The city is looking into how the new law will affect what it does with those weapons.

The new law goes into effect July 1st.  You can read more about it here.