A traveling KC-46A simulator made a stop at McConnell Air Force Base Thursday, much to the delight of airmen eager to use the real thing.

Boeing's modern air tanker is expected to call Wichita home in a few years, once the massive planes roll out of assembly. 

"I see computers all the way," says Lt. Col. Andrew Martin, of the 350th Air Refueling Squadron.  Martin trains pilots to fly the aging KC-135 tankers and is excited for the challenge of the newer technology.

In addition to a more modernized cockpit, the KC-46A features a significant change to the refueling process.  Currently, boom operators lie flat on their stomachs and peer through a window to refuel a plane.  With the new tanker it's all done using a joystick and monitor.

McConnell hopes to land its first KC-46A in 2016.