NEWTON, Kan. -

Many Newton natives remember spending summer nights cruising Main, hanging with their friends, and finding random places to pass the time. But the nostalgia doesn't stop there.

Long before evening turns to morning, when every other place closes shop, sugar seekers stand in line for a Druber's Daylight.

"This is where everybody usually goes, and people from other little towns around come too," said Emily Hiebert.

Druber's Daylight Donut shop opens at 11:30 p.m. Thursday and 11 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

While they wait, nearly an hour before the doors open, owner Martin Norris preps for the midnight madness.

"It's been fun and it's been work," Norris said. "It's been frustrating at times."

As dozens of doughnuts start to form, the crowd grows outside. The anticipation builds, the smell carries, and tummies growl.

"I've eaten a lot of doughnuts in my life and this is the best one," Hiebert said.

Jennifer Young said it's important to be the first in line.

"You want to get the best doughnuts," Young said. "They'll run out fast. They're hot, gooey, and warm and you dunk them in cold milk. Nothing like it."

With a taste like that, no matter the look, every pastry is perfection. But when it's not, Norris says, "you put icing on there and you cover up all your mistakes."

After years of experience, Norris knows there is one mistake no sprinkles, peanuts, cinnamon, or sugar can erase.

"People don't mind if you make your doughnuts too big, but they do mind if you make them too small," Norris said.

"I went to this place in Wichita one time that had doughnuts," Sara Osburn said. "But, it didn't really compare to Druber's. I don't know why. This one just tastes more like home."

Once the door opens it's doughnut time at Druber's, starting the day for some and starting a family for a few.

"Our first official date that we actually got to go out and eat without children was here at Druber's at two o'clock in the morning," Young said.

They all agree Druber's is a connection for the community, a treat for taste buds, and memories in the making.