It was a conversation heated with passion.

"I'm afraid for our youth!" one attendee exclaimed in the mic. "Please don't shoot! Please don't shoot!" 

Among the nearly 2,000 people who attended the 'No Ferguson Here' community forum were several families of people involved in police involved shootings. They, along with other community members, asked questions and raised their concerns about what they consider to be problems within the Wichita Police Department.

"We have a very good opportunity in Wichita to be proactive instead of reactive," said local pastor Junius Dotson, also one of the organizers of the event. "My hope is this is not just a black problem, or a Hispanic problem, or a Latino problem. No these problems belong to the whole community. We should have a vested interest in seeing every one of our citizens advance and succeed. That's what's going to secure out future together."

It all stems from an outcry of citizens in Ferguson, MO after an 18-year-old unarmed teen was shot and killed in early August.

"The event that happened in Ferguson didn't just begin with the shooting of Michael Brown, that was the tipping point, really it was the succession of a disenfranchised community that feels like it has been ignored for far too long," said Dotson.

"I believe that we know we're not that far away from a Ferguson," said Pastor Kevass Harding, another organizer and the emcee of the event. "We need to be proactive and listen to everyone and be sincere in our listening."

Organizers of 'No Ferguson Here' say it's to start opening communication between law enforcement and those they've sworn to protect and serve.

Mayor Carl Brewer was one of six panel members during the forum. After many people brought up their wish to have body cameras on every police officer, Brewer said he would go to City Council and see how much that would cost to implement. He said he wants to try and get body cameras for each officer by the end of the year.

For those who came to this forum, it was not the solution.  Rather the beginning step to see change in their community.