Police arrested four men Sunday night after they stole a coin collection and other items from a home near 45th and Webb Road.

It happened just before midnight in the 4300 block of N. Linden.

Police say a man was working in his garage when the suspects pulled up in a dark colored SUV. Two men got out of the vehicle and confronted the man at gunpoint.

The victim was forced into his home, where the suspects took him into his bedroom, where his wife was sleeping. She was kept in the bed while the suspects ransacked the bedroom and stole numerous items. They did not enter any other parts of the house.

The suspects then left in the SUV. Two other suspects were waiting for them inside the vehicle.

The victim then chased the suspects for several miles. He told police the suspects shot at him, first with a handgun, then a shotgun. Police found evidence of the shooting near 34th and Governeor and in the 3500 block of N. Inwood.

The chase continued onto K-96 then onto southbound I-135. During that time the victim called 911.

Officers were able to locate the suspect vehicle and a short chase ensued. It ended near I-135 and 9th Street. Two suspects were confined to the SUV while the other two ran until they were apprehended. Police were able to recover all of the items taken from residence, including the coin collection.

All four men were taken into police custody where they were booked for aggravated robbery, aggravated assault and kidnapping.

The victim told police he did not know the suspects, but police believe the suspects knew what they were looking for inside the residence.