Wichita State University is being recognized by the New York Post. But, it's not for academics or athletics.

The newspaper says the university's mascot, WuShock, is the creepiest mascot it has ever seen.

Other mascots on the list ( include the The Burger King from Burger King and the King Cake Baby of the New Orleans Pelicans.

WuShock, a shock of wheat, was created in 1948. The character got its name from the "Wheat Shockers" football team at Wichita University. Most of the players would shock wheat in the summer to pay for college. Then come back, tough enough to play ball. 

The team name was finally condensed to the "Shockers."

Wichita University was eventually renamed Wichita State University, but WuShock, often referred to as Wu, kept its name.

Early sketches for the Shocker logo dating back to 1948

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Take a look at the history of WuShock and the Wichita State University logo.

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