A pile of rubble is all that is left of an Old Mill in southeast Hutchinson. But the building did not come tumbling down, without putting up a fight.

Richard Haines bought the property on Lorraine St. for storage for his trucking business. He had no need for the unused Old Feed Mill attached to the building.

"The insurance company were reluctant to insure it because they felt like the thing might fall over on the shop building," Haines said.

Gary Gorby, owner of G&G Dozier Co. started tearing down the building Wednesday, but the mill wasn't cooperating.

"We cut it loose and went to pulling on it and it still didn't want to go down," Gorby said.

On Thursday, the demolition crew used a heavier cable to pull the building down again. The top portion of the building fell first, but the bottom stubbornly resisted.

"It's got a lot of iron in it, a lot more iron than a lot of these old feed mills that we've taken down," Gorby said.

Haines said he will be glad once the building is finally gone.