A Kansas City woman has died after an accident on the Kansas Turnpike in Sumner County.

It happened in the northbound lanes on I-35 just north of Wellington around noon Wednesday. The accident involved a car and a KTA maintenance truck.

A man who witnessed the crash said he saw the driver move over to the right lane to avoid a construction crew, then veer back into the left lane. She hit a KTA paint crew truck that was working on the road, barely moving.

"I stopped and pulled over, but when I reached in to feel a pulse, she didn't have one," said Nick Allen, a semi truck driver who was two cars behind her. "She had her bags packed in the vehicle. She was headed north, so I imagine she was headed home to visit family and friends. Now she's not going to make it."

The victim was later identified as 25-year-old Urmila Sharma, of Kansas City, Kan.

The driver of the paint truck was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

"He was hurt, so I had him sit down along the barricades," said Allen. "He was grabbing his back, kinda broke down when he realized the girl didn't make it."

One lane of traffic has been closed while crews work to clear the scene. All lanes were opened back up around 3:30 p.m. The cause remains under investigation.

"I feel horrible. There's nothing I could have done, but I wanted to. I wanted to save her, to bring her back to life."