NEWTON, Kan. -

Friday Morning Update: Newton Police say a man who was shot by an officer Thursday afternoon has died.  Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton updated us on the incident Friday morning.

The Sheriff says a woman was reportedly hit several times by her husband.  That woman called police.  An officer went to the door, where he was confronted Wagner with a large hunting knife. Walton said the officer asked him to drop it several times and he wouldn't.

"Wagner raised the knife up and moved forward toward the officer, the Sheriff said. "The officer dispatched two rounds from his service firearm and Wagner collapsed to the floor."

Walton said the officer shot him twice in the chest. Walton said he shot where he needed to shoot considering the close distance and knife in his hand.

The man, identified as 52-year-old Sonny Wagner, died late Thursday afternoon. The Newton Police Chief Jim Daily said the department has had to deal with three different domestic violence calls in the past regarding Wagner.

The Sheriff says the officer was around 10 feet away from Wagner at the time of the shooting.  He says the knife was a thick hunting knife and around 8-9" in length.  He says before the officer arrived, Wagner said to his wife, "they better bring more than one officer because I'm not going to jail again."

The name of the officer has not been released, but Chief Daily said he is an experienced officer who has been with the department for 20 years.

The KBI was called in to conduct an investigation.

County Attorney David Yoder said, "Once all the evidence is collected and the reports are completed and they are provided to our office, at that point in time, we look at all the evidence and make a determination. But we won't make any advance speculation or anything like that."

The woman did not need medical attention and there were no children in the home. Walton said he didn't have extensive information regarding their marriage.  The Sheriff said the woman is in a safe place now.


A man has been seriously injured in an officer-involved shooting in Newton.

It happened near 1st and Evans, in the southwest part of the city, around 4:10 p.m. Thursday. Lt. Craig Dunlevy, Newton Police, said officers were originally responding to a domestic call in a mobile home park.

When the first officer arrived at the scene, the officer went inside and the man confronted the officer with a weapon, Dunlevy said. He would not say what the weapon was.

Shots were fired and the man was hurt. No officers were hurt in the incident.

A neighbor who lives behind the mobile home, said he heard two shots.

"It was just like *bang* *bang* and I thought someone was knocking on the back door," said Andrew White. "About 10 minutes later and we got a wall of people out here."

The man was taken to a nearby hospital. The extent of his injuries are not known at this time.

No homes were evacuated.

The man's next door neighbor tells Eyewitness News he lived in the mobile home with his wife. The neighbor said the two would fight 2-3 times each week and were doing so before the incident happened. He said even so, he would have never thought it would have lead to this.

The case remains under investigation.