A memorial in Wichita was dedicated Saturday to honor those killed in battles over the war on terrorism.

The Operation Freedom Memorial was debuted at the Veterans Memorial Park in front of more than a hundred people. They're calling them "walls of honor."

Families gathered to remember their loved ones and honor those who have fallen, as well as those who have served.

The black granite walls have the names of 94 Kansans who died in Desert Storm, Khobar Towers, Pentagon 9/11, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Ann Mock's son, Willsun Mock, died in Iraq 8 years ago. She says she is happy her son won't be forgotten.

"To see his name engraved in granite. I wasn't able to see him be married, he was single when he passed." Mock said. "I was never able to therefore hold any of his kids. So I have this to run my fingers over his name."

Many of the family members who went to the dedication ceremony say it is just in time for Memorial Day when they will honor their loved ones again.

Operation Freedom Memorial is dedicated in honor and remembrance of all veterans and those currently serving in the armed forces.