A Wichita family is cleaning up after overnight storms knocked down a tree in their yard.

Erin Haynes says it happened at around 1:15 in the morning at her home near Kellogg and Woodlawn. She thinks the tree was struck by lightning.

"We heard this big crash, flash of light," Haynes said. "Sounded like something was just pulled across the roof and everything went black.

She says the branch broke and fell into her yard, bringing down power and cable lines. The fall also bent their water heater vent, so they're without hot water for the time being, too.

The family is working to get power restored, but they have no idea how long that will take because of the Labor Day holiday.

Still, Haynes knows things could have been much worse.

"If it would've gone a couple feet this way it would've gone into the roof, into our chimney and fallen into the den where we were sitting," Haynes said. "You know, you've got to be thankful for the small things that happen when severe weather blows through."