I brush my teeth morning and night and floss throughout the entire day! I’m giving you a background on my oral health because for a woman with 4 cavities you would think I wasn’t taking care of my teeth. Meanwhile, my husband who hasn’t been to the dentist in nearly half a decade walked out of the office last week with a clean bill of health, really?! Not cool or rather I guess it is. I’ve never had a lot of cavities so I was stunned when the doctor said four; visions of needles, laughing gas and dollar signs flashed in my mind. I would dread it more except I love my dentist and her staff. It’s like going to happy hour except there’s no alcohol, now there’s a thought.

I got the first two filled this week and go back in a few weeks to finish the job. Now I’m brushing with fluoride toothpaste and my husband is grinning with a smile big enough to show off his cavity free mouth. What is it about competing with your spouse that’s such a draw? Nick and I do it a lot from running to beat the other to the front door, to guessing songs on the radio and now who has fewer cavities. I guess it keeps things interesting or maybe we’re just weird. Please tell me I’m not the only one who competes for fun with my husband?