SALINA, Kan. -

A Salina man stumbled across what police are calling pipe bomb Tuesday night while looking for the Smoky Hill River Festival Medallion at a local church.

"I looked over by the trash can and there was something sitting outside of it," Jared Shirack said. "I walked over there. I wasn't sure what it was. It had some duct tape on the top so pulled the top back and there was fuses and an incendiary device inside. So, I stepped back and called the cops."

Police responded at the Seventh Day Adventist Church aound 6 p.m. They believe the device was a pipe bomb. They said it was inside what appeared to be an oatmeal container. They called the Riley County bomb squad to respond.

"The information received from Riley County was it was possible that it could have gone off. It could have caused an explosion. It could have caused injury," Salina Police Department Captain Chris Trocheck said.

Authorities said it appeared someone tried to light the fuse, but no one was injured. They also said that it wasn't related to the deadly pipe bomb that went off at Jerry Ivey Park last month, or the bomb threats at the Salina Schools.

The device was taken to the police department range and destroyed.