A Wichita family receives an outpouring of support after we showed you the story of an airman's home burglarized during her deployment overseas.

"Coming from a small town, I didn't expect this in a big city. I thought you never knew your neighbors, and they have just come out of the wood work and I am just so grateful," said Wendy Coley, Leiren Andra's mom.

Police found Andra's stolen car Monday night. It was abandoned on Wichita's south side without any of the other stolen items.

Leiren Andra's donation fund

"I was hoping there was something in there, but there is nothing," Coley said. "They left nothing but their trash in the back seat."

Wichita police officers did try to fingerprint the vehicle, but they did not find anything to identify who did the crime.

We took you inside Andra's home on Monday, after Coley called us to tell us about the burglary during Andra's deployment. The crooks took her T.V., clothes, her collection of Air Force coins and more.

A sand storm overseas prevented us from talking to Andra over Facetime, but she did post a message on Facebook thanking everyone for their support.

"She's grateful, very, very grateful to the outpouring to the family, to her, she was not expecting that," Coley said.

Coley says friends and strangers have offered to help Andra replace some of the things that were stolen from her home, even her military coins.

"Her return home is going to be a happy one," Coley added.

Andra is expected to return home from deployment next week.