SALINA, Kan. (Salina Journal) -

Salina police recovered another one of the more than 100 firearms stolen from a local gun shop last month.

Authorities believe the gun came from 619 N. 13th, a house in which two Salina residents were holed up during a May 5 standoff with police.

Arrested in that incident were Adam D. Humphrey, 29, and Heather Y. Davis, 25.

Salina Police Capt. Mike Sweeney said Thursday that neither Humphrey nor Davis is connected to the break-in at Cleve’s Marine, 136 S. Broadway, and the theft of 118 guns on April 14.

The stolen gun, a Ruger .380 handgun, was received from an individual who reportedly removed it from 619 N. 13th.

Sweeney said a clip for the firearm was found at the house, but not the gun. So far, he said, about 80 of the missing weapons have been recovered.

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