(Haysville, Kan.) -

Haysville neighbors come together after police kill a family's dog. The incident happened January 19 in the 400 block of W. 6th St. Police say the dog got loose and was a threat so they felt they had to shoot it. Now there's an investigation.

The dog's owners still can't believe he's gone.

"We ran to run a quick errand and we should have just put them inside," said Amanda Ivey.

Police say the Iveys' dogs, Zeus and Peetie, were loose and running in the streets. A neighbor called 911 saying the dogs chased him inside his house.

The police say they had no choice but to shoot Peetie after he charged officers aggressively, but Amanda Ivey doesn't believe it.

"I believe the officer was irritated because he had to come out here and I believe he came into my yard and shot my dog," she said.

Police aren't releasing many details on the shooting and the incident is still under investigation. But the family wants answers.

"We'd like to know what really happened. We want to see the police report. They won't release the police report and we want to be able to lay our dog to rest," said Ivey.

Peetie's body is at police headquarters. Haysville Police Chief, Jeff Whitfield, tells Eyewitness News they will release the dog when the investigation is over.

Saturday morning neighbors gathered near the family's home to raise awareness about what happened to Peetie. They were holding signs that read: "Prayers for Peetie."

"If the way he said it really happened, I'd be upset to lose the dog. But if it didn't happen the way it did, it upsets me the most," said Patrick Ivey.

"I feel like the officer knows he messed up and is just trying to scare us into letting this go and we're not," said Amanda Ivey.

Police want to talk to anyone who was in the area last Sunday night. They're asking for neighbors who saw the dogs running loose to come forward.

Police plan to wrap their investigation early next week, that's when the family will get the dog's body back.

The Ivey family says they'd like to have a proper burial for Peetie. It started a Facebook group called "Peetie Justice," to raise awareness about pit bulls.