Wichita police say some scammers are taking it up a notch when it comes to trying to get your personal information.

Recently, two local residents have reported being contacted by potential scammers and were threatened with being arrested.

One woman told police a man called her claiming he was with the Federal Crimes Investigation. The caller told the women she had a warrant out for her arrest and she needed to verify her information. She refused and hung up the phone. The man called back two times and said he'd send officers to her home if she didn't give him the information. She hung up again and suffered no loss.

A second person reports receiving a voice mail from a man stating the near victim was a person of interest. In the message the caller also said if the man didn't call him back, police would come to his home and arrest him. The resident never called back and suffered no loss.

Police say these two people didn't fall for it. If you receive a call like this and are threatened with arrest, it's still important to not give out your information over the phone. Instead, you can call police to double check the information or report it as a possible scam.

If you know any scams you want the FactFinder 12 Investigators to check out, call 831-6166 or email investigators@kwch.com.