With cameras rolling, candidate Milton Wolf tracked down Senator Pat Roberts and challenged him to a debate just days before the election.

The confrontation happened at a campaign stop in Emporia Wednesday. 

Roberts dismissed Wolf's challenge and walked away.  The video is being shared and talked about on social media.

"If you can get footage you can create something that's out there on social media and television," said Friends University political science professor Dr. Russell Arben Fox.

Fox said while it may be a stunt, it does give voters more information about both candidates.

"You get this obvious stunt, and you look at it and say 'what does this tell us?'" he said.

We also shared the video with political science professor Dr. Chapman Rackaway from Fort Hays State University.

We asked him if he thinks it deserves news coverage.

"Yes and no," Rackaway said. "The timing being so suspect makes it seem like a stunt, but to his (Wolf's) credit he has been pushing this issue of Roberts not debating him for some time."

Fox said Wolf has nothing to lose.  He's up against an incumbent with more money and reach.

He said it's up to the voter to decide if the tactic goes too far.

"It tells us something about Wolf," Fox said. "Whether it tells us something that you like or dislike that's something a voter has to decide."