Republicans running for congress want nothing to do Obamacare.  So when one accuses the other of supporting it, things get heated.

"Mr. Pompeo's voted seven times to fund Obamacare," Tiahrt said in a KWCH candidate forum Monday.

Pompeo countered.

"I voted against the Affordable Care Act 57 times, I'll vote against it again," he said.

Fort Hays State University politicial science professor Dr. Chapman Rackaway saw the claim and began studying.  He read the bills and drew a conclusion.

"The whole claim from the Tiahrt campaign seems to be a stretch of the highest magnitude," says Rackaway.

Tiahrt's campaign says by voting to fund the government, Pompeo funded Health and Human Services, which oversees Obamacare and the IRS which enforces it.

"By continuing to fund Health and Human Services you are supporting Obamacare," Rackaway said. "That doesn't pass the smell test.  That's not stretching the truth, that's breaking it entirely."

He also says it's a claim that shows something else.

"It's a sign of how much these campaigns are having to stretch to differentiate themselves because Pompeo and Tiahrt are remarkably similar," he said.

Tiahrt points to a 2014 funding bill that Pompeo voted against.  In a news release Pompeo says it failed to "rein in the continuing implosion of the Affordable Care Act."

Pompeo's campaign tells Eyewitness News that wasn't about funding Obamacare, it was about eliminating the individual mandate.  They also say Obamacare relies on mandatory funding.

Tiahrt also points to Congressman Tim Huelskamp who did vote against several of those same bills citing Obamacare as one of the reasons.