4th Congressional District Incumbent Mike Pompeo has been in Congress three-and-a-half years, but Republican voters decided that is not long enough. They want to send him back to Washington.

Pompeo beat out challenger and former Congressman Todd Tiahrt. Tiahrt previously held the seat from 1995 to 2011. He left to run for U.S. Senate and was defeated by Jerry Moran.

As soon as Pompeo learned he won the primary Tuesday night, he joined a room full of family, friends, and supporters at the Candle Club in Wichita. "Kansans won tonight," said Pompeo.

When Pompeo took the stage, with family by his side, he thanked supporters who helped spread his message and voters who helped him win the Republican nomination. "I promise you the next two years, when we win in November, I will continue to fight against big government every single moment I am entrusted with that power," said Pompeo.

As he mingled with the crowd, he reminded them of the promises he made in 2010 when he first ran for U.S. House. He says he plans to keep those promises if he wins the general election. "Folks all across Kansas saw that when you talk about limited government and freedom, voters will respond," said Pompeo.

Pompeo says he says he knows the race is not over yet, and he is looking forward to the next 13 weeks. Pompeo will face Democratic candidate Perry Shuckman in November.