For years my husband and I have gone to the movies every Tuesday afternoon. Action, romance and suspense, we’re fans of just about everything. For those of you who are from Wichita I’m not sure you realize what a treasure you have in The Warren. Let me point out that I am not being paid for this post I am just slightly obsessed with Warren theaters. When my husband and first sat down in those plush seats in the main theater on 13th Street we were hooked. I’ve lived several places and never have the theaters been so first class. We’re spoiled up here that’s all I’m saying.

Recently, I asked fans on social media what their favorite movie is so I thought I would share mine. I could watch ‘When Harry Met Sally’ over and over again. I know, it’s a classic chick flick but it’s also got Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan so we’re talking chalk full of talent and did I mention it’s hilarious?! I love a dry sense of humor and a neurotic leading lady (guess I can relate) and we all remember the restaurant scene. I’m a fan of classic; I grew up watching Shirley Temple so I want see actual talent. I would love to hear your favorite movie perhaps I’ve seen it.