The Kansas Highway Patrol said a 23-year-old man died in an Ellis County plane crash. The man was Garrett Moore of Oakley.

KHP identified the plane as an Air Tractor AT-401B spray plane owned by Frontier AG in Oakley. Trooper Tod Hileman said it was a crop dusting plane which often fly low to the ground. Crop dusting planes or aerial sprayers fly above fields of crops and drop chemicals or seeds.

Kansas Highway Patrol trooper Tod Hileman says Moore left Beloit airport at 10:45 Thursday night, and crashed in Ellis County around 11 p.m.

Frontier AG CEO Brad Cowlan refused to comment on the crash.

Moore was an employee of Frontier AG in Oakley and worked as an aviation pilot and a location trainee.

Frontier AG described Moore on their website saying, "Garrett Moore came from Higginsville, Missouri. He graduated from Ag Flight Inc. in March of 2010. After graduation Garrett began flying for Richard Shaw, owner of Shaw Aerial Spraying, in Oberlin, Kansas. While flying for Shaw Aerial, he finished his Associate of Business Degree from Wentworth Military Academy. During the spring of 2013 he trained two local pilots while in Oberlin, and then moved to Oakley, KS to begin flying for Frontier Ag Aviation. Garrett is currently a full time Frontier Ag pilot."