Between the weather and the gas prices, Wichitans are getting whiplash.

The price of a gallon of regular gasoline jumped up ten cents at most gas stations overnight, bringing the average price of gas in Wichita Wednesday morning to $3.54. This comes just weeks after another ten cent price jump, something that's driving Wichita residents crazy.

"As far as supply and demand is concerned, there's no more demand now than there was yesterday so why does it go up ten cents in one day?" said Eric Borklund who lives in Wichita and also drives a truck for a living. "I can't even fill my tank up because I can't afford it. I've got other expenses to take care of each week and throughout the month."

AAA reports the spike is due to refineries switching over to producing a summer blend, which forces them to shut down temporarily. That lowers the supply which leads to an increase in demand, which means another price hike at the pump.

Several cities around the area saw a gas price increase overnight as well. The average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded in Lawrence is $3.53. It's $3.52 in Kansas City and $3.56 in Oklahoma City. Topeka's average still comes in a little lower around $3.40 per gallon.

The switch to the summer blend is expected to be completed by May 1st and prices should begin to drop back down before the summer driving season. Industry experts say we have a better domestic supply of oil this year than last. They're hoping that means the gas price peak should be soon, if we haven't hit it already.