PHOENIX, Ariz. -

A priest was fatally shot overnight in the rectory of a Catholic Church in Phoenix, AZ.

Phoenix Police say 29-year-old Rev. Kenneth Walker died, and another priest, 56-year-old Rev. Joseph Terra, was physically assaulted in the incident.

Walker's parents are from Maple Hill, just west of Topeka. Saint John Vianney Church in Maple Hill will lead a rosary tonight at 7 p.m. to pray for Walker.

The church is also planning a mass for him.

Police say the attack may have started as a robbery. A church vehicle was stolen, but officers found it later with no one inside.

Investigators have gathered evidence at the crime scene, but they lack witness information, police said. Authorities asked for anyone with information to call in tips to police.

The injured priest was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Doctors say he is now stable.