The primary election may be over, but work at the Sedgwick County Election office is not.

"My posse did not flinch," said Pat Roberts during his victory speech.

Candidates thanked their staff Tuesday night for all the help during the campaign. But those moments wouldn't have happened, without workers doing their job at the election office.

"We do more prep work for these things than people can possibly imagine," said Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman. "It takes hundreds of hours of preparation to prepare for an election this size. You have 64 polling locations, all of the workers, you have to get them hired and trained."

Lehman says Tuesday's primary went smoothly. Unofficial results were out a little after 10 o'clock and there were no computer glithes to slow things down, like what happened in the 2012 elections.

Even though the victory speeches are over, the primary process is not. Votes still have to be canvassed before the results are official.

"Plus we are still trying to finish up the marijuana petition, plus we had another petition that was submitted to us," Lehman added. "So we are always busy."

Lehman already has workers in her office getting ready for the next round, which should draw twice as many voters to the polls.

The general election is 13 weeks away.