Hutchinson, Kan. -

The Kansas State Fair begins Friday. Over the next few days crews will set up roughly 45 carnival rides.

Knowing that the rides are put together over and over again, we wanted to know who makes sure the rides are safe for you and your family.

We found that the state of Kansas does not have a 'nuts and bolts' inspector to come in and make sure all of these rides are safe. What it does have is a requirement that the company providing the rides contract with a third party company to come in and make sure these rides are safe.

The company providing the rides since 1995 is North American Midway.

"We got the big roller coaster ride here this year. It's the first time in five years we've got the big spinning mouse roller coaster back and I think people are going to be really excited about that," said North American Midway's General Manger Pat Repp.

Back in late February Repp says they had a third party come in and test the equipment for metal fatigue.

"Not too many companies do that, but they go through all the parts if there could be cracks that you can't see, so we go above and beyond what everybody else requires," said Repp.

For the next two days, these rides will take shape.

When they're done they'll be inspected not once, but twice by two inspectors accredited by National Association of Amusement Ride Safety Officials.

In Kansas, someone with a level one accreditation must inspect the rides.

In this case, North American Midway tells us the two inspectors who will look over the rides have an accreditation two levels higher than what the state requires.

Despite the state's lower standards fair officials say they're pleased with what they and North American Midway do to ensure safety.

"From a quality standpoint we're going to set the bar as high as we can and expect the company that we partner with to meet that level or exceed it," said Denny Stoecklein, General Manger for the Kansas State Fair.

The state says it plans on sending an inspector to make sure the rides have been inspected, sometime next week after the fair has been going for a couple of days.

In the 20 years North American Midway has provided the rides in Hutchinson, fair officials say there have been no major accidents.