Audrey Ray may have to look for a new home soon. She's lived in one of the two mobile home parks in Maize for the last three years. She says it's the best housing she can afford for her and her son.

"As a single mom it's tough. It's either here or an apartment ,and that's not what I want for my kid," Ray said.

Ray is afraid that proposed ordinances for mobile home parks in Maize will force her landlord to raise the rent. City leaders will vote on the ordinance Monday that would require landlords to pave roads, update storm shelters and change the way they collect trash.

"Where's all the money going to come from? The answer is us," Ray said.

Ray's landlord says the proposed changes would cost him $165,000 over 18 months. He says he'd have to collect $10,000 more a month from his 50 tenants to cover the cost.

"Right now, renting a spot is $175, I'd have to raise that to like $1,000 to cover my costs," Justin Westhoff said.

City leaders say the 18-month deadline isn't set in stone, rather they just want mobile home park owners to show "good faith" and start working towards the improvements.

City leaders will vote on the proposal Monday.