Wichita city leaders want your input on a new proposed hotel tax. The money raised would help promote area events, in hopes of attracting more tourism dollars to Wichita.

Under the plan, every hotel in the city with 50 rooms or more would charge an extra 2.75 per room. That tax could generate about $2.5 million each year.

"I am a business traveler here,and so already it is an affordable place to stay." said traveler Kelly Zega. "The cost of living here is not terribly high, so two percent is really not that much."

Right now when you break down a bill, guests pay just over 13% in combined taxes. The proposed plan would increase the rate to 15.9%.

Compared to other cities, the proposed hotel tax rate would be lower than what you pay in Kansas City and it's 2% higher than Oklahoma City's rate. But OKC is considering a similar tax, so it's number would go up.

"The hotel industry here locally is the one that approached us about doing this," said Wichita City Council member Pete Meitzner.

Meitzner said hotel owners like the idea because the new marketing money could bring in more tourism dollars.

For example, when the Lion King came to town 50% of the tickets were sold to people outside Sedgwick county. At the recent Thunder NBA game at Intrust Bank Arena, 60% of the crowd came from out of town.

"I am looking for what is the local flavor, local restaurants, local events," Zega said. "So yeah, being able to know those things are happening and support them in the community to travel experience more dynamic and interesting."