Experts at Wichita's Wesley Medical Center say it's rare to get so many cases at once. Three kids were recently diagnosed and treated for Hemolytic uremic syndrome, or HUS.

HUS is a rare condition that can result from E. coli poisoning. Nobody knows why some people get it, but most don't after injesting E. coli bacteria.

The hospital isn't giving details of these recent cases, but HUS can lead to life-long disabilities or death.

"If your child has diarrhea, they are lethargic, they are not taking in much fluid and you notice their urine output is decreasing, that's when you need to go to the doctor," Wesley infection prevention nurse Lois Rahal says.

There's no cure.  Antibiotics don't help.  Treatment usually includes kidney dialysis and blood transfusions to help the body's own immune system overcome the illness.

Experts say the best way to prevent HUS is to keep hands washed and meat well-cooked.

To learn more about HUS from the Mayo Clinic, click here.