A flag flies at half-staff as a symbol and reminder of what the Reno County Sheriff's Office lost over the weekend.

Deputies wore a mourning band over their badges to show respect for deputy Shawn Schellenger and his wife, Danielle.

"We put on armor," said Sheriff Randy Henderson. "But we're human like anybody else."

Henderson is helping his deputies through an unexpected tragedy. The Schellengers died in a motorcycle accident near Great Bend Saturday.

A trailer carrying a lawn mower came unhitched from a truck, crossed the center line, and slammed into Schellenger's bike. Schellenger's wife died Saturday, a few hours after the crash, in a Wichita hospital. Schellenger died Sunday.

"You always have underlying in your mind that you can get injured or killed in the line of duty," Henderson said. "When a situation like this crops up, it kind of hits everybody a little bit differently."

Henderson said Schellenger worked in the Reno County jail, booking inmates and keeping things in line. But his passion for protecting did not start there. Schellenger also served in the U.S. Army.

"He's spent time in the theaters of war and survived that to come home and be killed in a tragic accident, doing what he loved to do, riding a motorcycle," Henderson said.

Henderson said riding motorcycles was a pastime for the Schellenger family. The couple's two children were riding on the backs of two other bikes at the time of the crash. Henderson said another Reno County deputy was driving a bike with Schellenger's 5-year-old son. He said Schellenger's father and their 7-year-old daughter were on the second bike that was involved in the collision. Henderson said Schellenger's father laid the bike down and only received a minor ankle injury. Neither child was physically hurt.

"Life goes on and we will be in support of the children in this case until they don't need us anymore," Henderson said.

Monday, Reno County inmates were offering their condolences to the deputies. Henderson said counselors are available to any inmates who may also be trying to cope with Schellenger's death.

"He's going to be remembered as a positive person on this agency. An officer that came in, did his job, kept his nose clean, provided well for his family, and provided for his country," Henderson said.

Henderson said surrounding sheriff's offices have offered to staff the Reno County jail while deputies attend the funeral services. Those services have not yet been arranged.

Eyewitness News asked Barton County attorney Doug Matthews if charges will be filed as a result of the trailer coming unhitched, but he said it is too early to know. Matthews said he is waiting for more information before deciding if charges will be considered.

The sheriff's office says a memorial fund has been established at the First National Bank of Hutchinson for 5-year-old Warren Schellenger and his sister, 7-year-old Dominique.