It's been 10 months since a fire ripped through College Hill Elementary School, damaging 22 classrooms along with other areas of the school.

Since then, crews have made major progress putting in new walls, carpet and ceiling tiles to get rid of the damage left behind by fire, smoke and water.

"It actually looks different from before the fire," said Principal Kathleen Patterson. "It looks clean, fresh and new. It's beautiful. We had teachers come through here this morning and they're just really excited too."

If inspections go well Friday, teachers will be able to start moving classroom items back into their rooms next week.

This construction project is estimated at a little more than $5 million. Most of that, school officials hope, will be paid for by the insurance company. Some upgrades to the school will be paid for by the Wichita School District.

"The district has invested a substantial amount of capitol dollars to bring this building up to the standards we have in all of our other buildings," said David Banks,  School District Energy Director.

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Among those upgrades is a new alarm and security system. Outside, where the courtyard use to be, a new heating and cooling system runs. Banks said it should save the school at least 25% on its utility bills.

A new fire protection system was also placed in the school that will automatically close the doors when the fire alarm is pulled.  Banks said, the goal is to prevent the fire from spreading to other portions of the school.

"We have a very aggressive schedule to get this building ready for kids and the first day of school," said Banks.

The school's roof, library and hallways were also damaged during the fire August 12th.

Much of the furniture in the damaged rooms had to be thrown away. New furniture should fill the rooms on Wednesday including LightRaise Interactive Projectors, which work with smart boards.

When the school opens up in the fall, students will also get to celebrate their new gym/safe space that was finished last year. It was suppose to be dedicated the same day the fire broke out. The gym was built with a $1.2 million bond issue.

The Wichita School District said there are now 77 similar safe rooms at schools across Wichita.