Button sales are up and police say crime is down, as Wichita's Riverfest gets ready for it's last weekend of events.

A combination of good weather, fun entertainment and new security strategies has made this year's Riverfest one of the best on record.

"I think for everyone to have a ticket to get in has made it a lot safer," said festival goer Terrell Davis.

One of the new strategies is to have everyone go through specific gates when they come to Riverfest. Each gate is clearly marked and guarded by security, so they can keep an eye on who's coming and going. Plus you have to have a button to get through the gates. Those combined efforts helps to control the crowd.

"You have to have that button to get in so that makes it more relaxing and more comforting and safe for everyone to bring their kids out here," said festival goer Kelsey Martin.

Festival organizers say concert crowds have been impressive this year. While attendance is up, crime is down. So far Wichita police have made only 10 arrests, mostly for minor problems

"In comparison to years past, that's way down," said Wichita Police Sergeant Kelly O'Brian. "The area is covered with cameras and spotters, so we utilize those resources."

Weather has been a plus too. In previous years, rain has dampened some of the fun. This year, storms have only caused a few schedule changes and no cancellations. It is helping the festivals bottom line.

"In 9 days we bring between $25 to $30 million into this community from an economic impact standpoint," said Wichita Festivals President and CEO Mary Beth Jarvis. "It is a huge team effort and it has been fun so far."